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Mistress Gaia at her friend’s house

Mistress Gaia was visiting a friend and urgently needed to go to the toilet. But the bathroom was way too clean that she didn’t wanted to make anything dirty and so she ordered her slave to take care of her shit…

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Dick locked in chastity belt and mouth filled with shit!

Poor guy! It always makes him soo horny watching the goddess shit – but now he has to wear a chastity belt – and guess what: it’s pink!? *g* His balls are already blue but she doesn’t hesitate to further torture him – and just shits a nice pile of poo right into his mouth!

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Too much shit to eat at once!

The old slave lies down under the table. He awaits his punishment because he was a lecherous bastard! Kimi Cat starts to punish him – and shits a huge scat sausage right into his mouth! But it’s way too much so he can’t handle to eat it at once! Instead he puts the shit at the table, takes a spoon and starts eating the shit piece by piece! First Domi Cat watches the scenery – and then decides to increase the amount of shit by herself – and also unloads a huge pile for the old bastard!

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