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Fucked hard after being caught while playing with shit!

The blonde big breasted beauty is back – and she still loves to play with shit!
The shit has made her soo horny that she starts smearing it all over her giant boobs!
Of course this makes her even more horny and she can’t resist: So she plays with her pussy too!
After covering her wet whole with lot of shit and fingering it for a nice time,
she grabs a big dildo and starts fucking her dirty whole…
But in the meantime her nasty games were recognized – and so she is caught right in the act!
What’s the best thing to do now…? Of course joining her and start fucking the dirty slut!

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Wank your dick while I shit in your mouth!

The slave is really naughty and wants to play with his dick. But Scatha doesn’t like it because he first has to prove that he is worth to cum! So she sits down with her ass right at his face – and her asshole is ready to bring out a fat and huge scat sausage! The big piece of shit lands right at his face and to humiliate him even more she spreads the shit with her ass all over his face! To finish him she finally uses her feet and presses the shit right into his mouth so there is no way to resist anymore! Now the slave is allowed to play with his dick – if he is still able to do so…!

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You cheated me? I’ll punish you!

Lady Milena is really angry! The stupid slave really dared to cheat her! She always told him that he shall watch her clips only but then he tried out the clip of another mistress… He was turned on soo much and it was a nice clip – but now he will suffer because of his lechery! Lady Milena shows him that she’s still the best and that she can shit a very long and enormous shit sausage – right at his face! This is something he’ll never forget again, that’s for sure…!

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