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Boyfriend punished with shit first time

Her boyfriend is really an asshole! He forgot her birthday and of course Goddess Amirha is very angry now! She wants to punish him in a very special way he never will forget – so he also won’t forget her birthday again! She puts his head into a smother box and sits down at his face – when she starts farting right into his nose! But that’s just the beginning… her boyfriend doesn’t know what will happen next – especially when she starts playing with his dick a little bit. He thinks he is a happy guy and everything will be fine… But only until she starts shitting right onto his mouth and nose and covers his face with her shit almost completely…!

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You cheated me? I’ll punish you!

Lady Milena is really angry! The stupid slave really dared to cheat her! She always told him that he shall watch her clips only but then he tried out the clip of another mistress… He was turned on soo much and it was a nice clip – but now he will suffer because of his lechery! Lady Milena shows him that she’s still the best and that she can shit a very long and enormous shit sausage – right at his face! This is something he’ll never forget again, that’s for sure…!

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Wake-Up time is shitting time!

It was a long party night and her stomach feels loaded with soo much shit. Her slave sleeps right at the ground beside her bed and she wants to wake him up too. What’s the best way to do so…? Of course: Shitting! She stands up, positions her butt above his head and unloads lot of soft shit right at his face! The sick guy seems to like it very much, becomes horny and wants to wank his dick… But the brat lady tells him that he is only allowed to cum if he will jerk-off right into his ugly mug!

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Your mistress’ diarrhea on your face!

The slave can be really lucky!
His mistress has lot of shit in her stomach!
And it’s not only normal scat – it is diarrhea!
Very soft and smooth it lands on his face.
This is more than he had dreamed about…!

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