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More and more shit to eat for her slave

Mistress Gaia’s female slave is still hungry… and so she will get some fresh shit to eat! To prevent her from dropping something down at the ground she wears a tray – which is attached right at her nipples! She suffers really bad while she tries to swallow all of Mistress Gaia’s shit…!

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Mistress Gaia shits in female slave’s mouth!

Wow, incredible! This time you can see two hot girls at the same time!
Mistress Gaia and her female slave! Her slave has the big honor to get
a very special gift today: The scat of her mistress!
But to turn her on Mistress Gaia starts to fill the two holes of her
slave with two dildos – one in her pussy and one in her tight asshole!
After few instructions the ritual begins – and her slave has to drink
her golden nectar and also gets some fresh shit! Does she pass the test…?

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