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Shoes cleaning rewarded with some shit in his mouth!

Scatha is very angry! She wants her slave to lick her dirty shoes.
He gives his best and does a good job actually… and so he shall get a reward.
Scatha lowers her awesome ass and shits right into the mouth of her slave!
How does it taste…!? But to take care he actually eats everything she grabs
a glove and brutally forces the shit deep into his throat until he almost pukes!

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Female toilet bitch has to eat shit

Mistress Gaia is back – and she has another hot and amazing scat clip!
Of course it went straight into the top clips this month!
She orders her bitch to open her mouth and eat everything coming out
of her sexy ass! After this she also have to clean her asshole with
her tongue only…! Crazy fucking awesome new brown shower clip!

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Mistress Gaia offers him a brown shower!

Mistress Gaia knows how to serve the dishes!
Her slave was hungry and wanted something to eat.
So she shit directly at his face and mouth!
While looking at him she is very satisfied!
What a great work! Her slave also wants to thank her.
But there is one big problem – he cannot talk with
so much shit at his face…!

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