More and more shit to eat for her slave

Mistress Gaia’s female slave is still hungry… and so she will get some fresh shit to eat! To prevent her from dropping something down at the ground she wears a tray – which is attached right at her nipples! She suffers really bad while she tries to swallow all of Mistress Gaia’s shit…!

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Her slave’s face covered with shit!

Mistress Gaia is back for you – and her female slave has to deal with her rage! She has ate so much nasty stuff that her stomach is rumbling – and all the shit wants out! The best place to unload everything is her slave’s face of course! The pulp lands on her nose and mouth, covers her face almost completely! It’s already very disgusting and cruel but Mistress Gaia also orders her to take care that not a single drip of her almost liquid shit lands on the ground – or her wrath will be even more cruel and evil…!

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Lisa let the shit drop down

Lisa is a really sexy girl. And you have the great opportunity to watch her shitting today! First she pees into her jeans – that’s so hot! But I’m sure you are already excited to see more, aren’t you…!? And she won’t disappoint you: While still standing she drops a nice and big piece of shit right onto the floor! Wow – what a wonderful and awesome bitch she is!

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Fucked hard after being caught while playing with shit!

The blonde big breasted beauty is back – and she still loves to play with shit!
The shit has made her soo horny that she starts smearing it all over her giant boobs!
Of course this makes her even more horny and she can’t resist: So she plays with her pussy too!
After covering her wet whole with lot of shit and fingering it for a nice time,
she grabs a big dildo and starts fucking her dirty whole…
But in the meantime her nasty games were recognized – and so she is caught right in the act!
What’s the best thing to do now…? Of course joining her and start fucking the dirty slut!

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Wank your dick while I shit in your mouth!

The slave is really naughty and wants to play with his dick. But Scatha doesn’t like it because he first has to prove that he is worth to cum! So she sits down with her ass right at his face – and her asshole is ready to bring out a fat and huge scat sausage! The big piece of shit lands right at his face and to humiliate him even more she spreads the shit with her ass all over his face! To finish him she finally uses her feet and presses the shit right into his mouth so there is no way to resist anymore! Now the slave is allowed to play with his dick – if he is still able to do so…!

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You cheated me? I’ll punish you!

Lady Milena is really angry! The stupid slave really dared to cheat her! She always told him that he shall watch her clips only but then he tried out the clip of another mistress… He was turned on soo much and it was a nice clip – but now he will suffer because of his lechery! Lady Milena shows him that she’s still the best and that she can shit a very long and enormous shit sausage – right at his face! This is something he’ll never forget again, that’s for sure…!

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Wake-Up time is shitting time!

It was a long party night and her stomach feels loaded with soo much shit. Her slave sleeps right at the ground beside her bed and she wants to wake him up too. What’s the best way to do so…? Of course: Shitting! She stands up, positions her butt above his head and unloads lot of soft shit right at his face! The sick guy seems to like it very much, becomes horny and wants to wank his dick… But the brat lady tells him that he is only allowed to cum if he will jerk-off right into his ugly mug!

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So much shit to play with!

Wow! This awesome blonde hottie with her amazing big tits and her buddy have collected shit for three days – and now the party can start! She spreads it all over her giant tits and also shit somethings fresh over the dick of her friend – before sitting down at him and riding his cock like hell! So much hot and nasty scat scat is hardly to found anywhere else…!

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First let’s Party! Then let’s shit!

Lady Milena really likes partying! She had lot of fun and danced until her feet started to hurt. Then she went back and her human toilet already awaited her. He opened his mouth because he knew that something big was going to come right into it… and of course Lady Milena didn’t waited very long to fulfill his deepest desires…! *g*

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It’s hard to breathe with shit in mouth!

This is a really nasty scat clip! The Spanish mistress shits a nice and big pile at the mouth of the slave. This way it’s already hard to breathe anymore! But the sadistic mistress wants to humiliate and torture him even more and so she starts to trample his face and to dig the shit deeper in his mouth!

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