It’s hard to breathe with shit in mouth!

This is a really nasty scat clip! The Spanish mistress shits a nice and big pile at the mouth of the slave. This way it’s already hard to breathe anymore! But the sadistic mistress wants to humiliate and torture him even more and so she starts to trample his face and to dig the shit deeper in his mouth!

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Lot of shit for the slaves

Mistress Gaia likes to make a big party today! Not only her female slave is here. There is also another piece of shit lying at the ground. And additionally she also has asked another mistress to join them. This looks like lot of fun to the ladies… but not soo much fun for the slaves! They have to deal with lot of shit and of course they need to eat it!

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Shoes cleaning rewarded with some shit in his mouth!

Scatha is very angry! She wants her slave to lick her dirty shoes.
He gives his best and does a good job actually… and so he shall get a reward.
Scatha lowers her awesome ass and shits right into the mouth of her slave!
How does it taste…!? But to take care he actually eats everything she grabs
a glove and brutally forces the shit deep into his throat until he almost pukes!

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You want to worship my feet? Eat my shit!

Mistress Gaia’s slave bitch want to worship her feet today.
But the divine goddess has no time for such a nonsense!
And so she decides to shit right onto her bitch’s face instead!
Now the stupid slut can worship, adore and eat her shit instead!
Better take care of your wishes, bitch…!

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The big piece of shit in his mouth!

My slave is really lucky to be my servant and so he wrote me a letter.
He wrote that he is very grateful and that he would do everything for me!
Of course I give a fuck about him… and so I decided to feed him with
shit right away…! His mouth is filled with a very big piece of my shit!
Now let’s see how grateful his next letter will be… *g*

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I am your goddess! Eat my shit!

I am a goddess – I am Gaia! I am your mistress! And you will love me!
You will do whatever I tell you to do! You will love my shit!
I will shit right into your mouth and you will keep it there!
I will fuck your asshole while my shit still remains in your mouth!
You will worship me – because I AM GAIA!

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The bitch doesn’t like to eat shit anymore…

This nasty slut gets some shit to eat everyday but now she is tired and can’t eat anymore… but it’s not her decision to stop eating shit! Mistress Gaia is the only one who has the privilege to tell her to stop! The stupid bitch bugs whines and grovels – but Mistress Gaia shows no mercy…!

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Too much shit to eat at once!

The old slave lies down under the table. He awaits his punishment because he was a lecherous bastard! Kimi Cat starts to punish him – and shits a huge scat sausage right into his mouth! But it’s way too much so he can’t handle to eat it at once! Instead he puts the shit at the table, takes a spoon and starts eating the shit piece by piece! First Domi Cat watches the scenery – and then decides to increase the amount of shit by herself – and also unloads a huge pile for the old bastard!

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Poo Alexa smears her white spandex

I was on tour with my car and suddenly I realized that I have to poo very urgently! First I farted – but then… I hope I can stand it til I’m home! While driving in my car it’s soo hard to resist! But finally I came home – and started opening the door. But then it happened out of nowhere! The shit left my asshole and went right into my white spandex! Then the pee also came out of my pussy. It was soo messy! But I felt some more shit deep inside me – and so I dug it out with my fingers! I couldn’t stand it and rubbed everything above my body! Wow, this was soo hot that I continued to play with myself til I reached an shitty orgasm!! :)

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Jae – Sexy young girl plays with shit!

Hey there! Do you like young girls, playing with shit…? Then watch my clip! :) I flex my asshole while trying to get out that giant load of shit! Finally everything is out – and so I can start smearing it all over my body! I cover my stomach and my sexy big tits with my shit – my complete young body! This turns me so much on that I have to play with my tight asshole right after – til I cum!

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